Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit - Cover by ThePianoGuys

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  1. On the October 29 episode of "Knowing Brothers", Soen shared a story about (G)I-DLE's new title song "Nxde". She said, "The label was against the song because of the name." The girl admitted that the group's agency called the word "Nxde" too explicit and indecent in English.

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    Soen continued, "When I heard that, I decided that the songshould be released. If I am forbidden to do something, I want to do it even more. I didn't think of "Nxde" as some kind of sexy word. We are born naked. I wrote the song thinking it was our most honest form. I wanted to show that this is an unsexy word."In an episode of MBC's show "Show! Music Core" for October 29, the victory was won by (G)I-DLE with the hit "Nxde"!

    In this week's episode, tripleS Acid Angel from Asia debuted with "Generation", Queenz Eye with "Yummy, Yummy", Kim Wan Song returned with "Malus Prunifolia", JACKINGCONG presented "Summer for You", TFN performed with "Amazon", Cho Yuri with "Loveable", Kihyun from MONSTA X returned with "Youth", CLASS:y presented "Tick Tick Boom", ATBO performed "Attitude".

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    The nominees for the victory were Crush, LE SSERAFIM and (G)I-DLE. First place went to (G)I-DLE with "Nxde". Congratulations (G)I-DLE!

    Performances also included (G)I-DLE, N.Flying, Kim Yejun, WEi, Kep1er, TAN and Lee Cheyeon.On October 26, Mien, Minnie and Shuhua appeared on KBS FM show "Lee Ki Kwang's Gayo Square" as special guests. On this day , host Lee Ki Kwan asked: "I saw that all the participants dyed their hair. Was it Soen's idea?".

    In response, the three participants explained, "We were able to do this because Shuhua said she could dye her hair blonde." The participants explained that it was the first time in Shuhua's life when she dyed her hair, and explained that Minnie was so touched that she even cried. Previously, Shuhua didn't want to dye her hair for promotion.The members also mentioned in the behind-the-scenes video for their latest mini-album "I Love" that Shuhua lightened her hair for the first time.

    Mien explained, "Shuhua said she would bleach her hair during dinner. Minnie was crying that day. Shuhua appreciates her black hair, but she decided to try something new for this comeback. She was crying because she was so touched.«

    Minnie also added: "We had dinner after the last day of the concert in Seoul. And then we started talking about our return, and Soen told everyone that Shuhua would dye her hair blonde, so I cried when I heard that."

    Earlier, Shuhua shared her thoughts about hair coloring. Back in 2019, she shared on social media: "Many people have asked me why I don't put on makeup, don't do manicures and don't even dye my hair. I don't dress up too much, but before I go out, I always look in the mirror and check if my hairstyle is done. Because I'm so comfortable. Many people have different preferences and different tastes. That's why I respect what everyone likes. I like the natural, and I like myself natural."