Carpe Seizure...that's (partial) Latin for 'seize the seizure' and yet, our logo portrays a carp being seized in the grip of a manly fist. See what we did there? It's a satirical tongue-in-cheek play on words that results in something creative and hilarious...

*cricket* *cricket*

...Moving on, so what is CarpeSeizure? CarpeSeizure is above all else, a website. We want to be very clear about that.

Started in 2011, this website boasts a bevy of features and resources designed specifically to fulfill your every web-related need and perhaps even a few of your most intimate web-related desires. This is an experiment coupled with an online source for humorous and creative content wrapped in a subtle plot to take over the world. But don't tell anybody that part, it's a surprise.

In short, CarpeSeizure.com is dedicated to the seizing, compiling and cataloging of generally awesome stuff found on the internet. Some of this awesome stuff we create ourselves...the rest of it, we shamelessly 'seize' (see what we did there, again?) from the vast and plentiful ocean that is the internet - while giving proper attribution to the contents' source.*

So be sure and subscribe to our site by email from the homepage, and go 'Like' our facebook page.

*We are forced to include this for legal reasons...we didn't want to.